Low Cost Adjustable Offset / Adjustable Sensitivity Gain Span Hall Effect Transducer Current Sensors
The HXA-ACDC-XX Amps measurement sensor is a Hall effect dc or ac current sensor transducer linear response - Honeywell CSLA technology
Adjustable Offset & Gain Span AC or DC Hall Effect Current Transducer Sensor


DATA SHEET / OWNERS MANUAL  Current sensor data sheet owner's manual

The HXA-ACDC-XX series current sensor boards provides a low cost current monitoring solution that is 100%  electrically isolated from the electrical conductor you are monitoring.   This keeps instrumentation / data loggers / data acquisition equipment safe from harm!    These sensors put out a voltage proportional to how much current is flowing through the wire you inserted into the sensor.     The output is  stable and linear for DC and is in a sine wave when measuring  AC current.  It has  an adjustable DC offset and gain (Span).  (For example you adjust the sensitivity between 40mv per amp up to 400mV per Amp for the HXA-ACDC-72)

This sensor PCB  is compatible with data acquisition equipment such as LabVIEW national instruments data acquisition hardware,  the Labjack data acquisition unit which comes with a free data logging software.  Below is an example installation (Click on image below to make it full size).  In this example you see two of the H5 current sensor boards with 3 loops through each coil.  This effective changes the sensitivity of the sensor from ~33mV / Amp to ~100mV / Amp.


Applications include:

  • Current activated switch when connected to a solid state relay.  (This sensor can turn something on like a fan or light when current is detected).
  • Solar panel power monitoring (Individual string monitoring before the combiner box)
  • Wind turbine power monitoring
  • Battery charging /  battery discharging
  • Fuel Cell Production
  • Hydro output
  • AC Motor current consumption  (Both single phase or 3 phase motors)
  • DC Motor current consumption  (Regular DC Brushed motors,  or brushless
  • AC current for Air conditioners

One advantage of this type of sensor is that the wire can be looped through the sensor many times (hundreds of times if needed) to increase the strength of a very weak signal. For example, if the current being measured is only 100mA, coiling the wire through the sensor 20 times would change the sensitivity from 40mV per Amp to 800mV per Amp at 1X gain. One disadvantage of this type of sensor is that it will have a minute amount of drift due to temperature variation of ±0.05%/°C which can be subtracted out of your measurements using lookup tables, or a thermal sensor.

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We also offer customized LabVIEW power monitoring and control versions for your application whether it’s for AC or DC monitoring and control. Contact support with your requirements to get price and delivery time. Customized versions can include temperature and pressure monitoring and PID loop control, solid state relay control, power factor calculations, power quality / glitch monitoring, robotics, power cycling, constant power applications. Contact us now for a quote.